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Writing Sample 6

I wrote a piece for eLearn Magazine on new challenges for college administrators:
Study Reveals New Challenges for Online College Administrators


Writing Sample 4

Another example of my writing on education: How to Spot High School Diploma Mills

Writing Example 3

I wrote a piece on the Belford University, a diploma mill, for

Writing Sample 2

As I’ve mentioned before, I was a reporter for a weekly Cleveland-area newspaper. I enjoyed finding story ideas, interviewing sources and writing up pieces. Below is a sample piece. (Please note it is in my maiden name.)

Editing Examples

I have spent the last four years as an editor for STACK Media, a training and lifestyle sports company. I was hired as the Content Operations Assistant and was promoted to Online Editor after two years.

As the editor, I handled a wide variety of pieces each day, ranging from strength workouts to the latest Nike shoe release. I edited and fact-checked anywhere from five to a dozen pieces each day.

I also copyedited all video descriptions from 2008 and on–close to 3,000 video descriptions!

Here are a few links to pieces that I edited:

Writing Sample 1

I worked for a newspaper in 2006 and 2007. I had a bi-weekly column; a sample is below. (Please note it is in my maiden name.)